A 3-year-old's pick-up line

On Thursday mornings I help do some child-care for a group of mothers--it's a nice chance for my son to get some social interaction, since he doesn't get that through day care like many kids do and is still half a year away from pre-school.

This morning the cousins of a couple of our usual kids were there as well, and after I asked her, the girl told me she was three. A moment later I noticed my son had walked up next to her, said hi and his name, and then said, "I'm three, too." Then he just waited for her to acknowledge him or say something back, and it seemed so much like an awkward pick-up line that I had to laugh (silently, of course, to not embarrass him). She was probably half a year older than him and just ignored him, which broke my heart, but he seemed to get over it pretty quickly.

I had some less pleasant things happen today as well, so this is the image I want to replay over and over in my mind rather than the others. Much as I'd like to rant, I don't think it'd do me any good at the moment.


Neil Richard said…
This is why I love my kids. No matter how crappy your day is, you can almost always rely on them to cheer you up.
Daniel Ausema said…
Yes, it definitely helps.