Flash piece at Everyday Fiction

I missed this when I first got up this morning because hotmail was down and then didn't have time to post it here once I realized it, but my story "Journey: Archetype in a Pop-Song Structure" is today's story at EDF. This is a story where the form came first--I was thinking about guitar chords and the standard progression of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus and thought it'd be fun to play with something similar for fiction. Since it was a new form I was trying to invent, I decided to anchor it with a literal bridge in the bridge section...and the rest of the story fell in place from there.

Oh yeah, and it has terror birds--the giant, flightless bird carnivores that fascinate me. They're under-represented in fantasy, and I aim to fix that balance. Or something like that.


Loved them terror birdies, Daniel! And I have to admit, I missed the connection between the stone bridge and the song bridge, but hearing about it I really like that touch and was able to instantly recognize it as such.

Nice experimentation!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Jason. Yeah, I don't think any of my first readers caught that connection with the bridge either...but it was there just for myself to get a good handle on what I was doing.