Monday, February 18, 2008

Devil toad and cuttlefish

I had started writing this post about the news article on the monstrous toad whose fossils have been found. I had to run before posting it, and since then I've noticed it linked on various other blogs and it's even on the the main page of Msn, so it seems silly to devote an entire post to it...

I did write a story once with a frog god that this monster would fit well.

But so that this isn't only about that, I hunted down another pop science article to add to it: the camouflage secrets of cuttlefish. I haven't even read the article yet (though I will once I'm done here). Before I went to Spain I didn't even know such a thing existed. They gave us vocab lists, including things we'd be likely to encounter there--sepia on the food list was translated as "cuttlefish"...that didn't help me at all. They'd be a good addition to any additional stories I might write in the milieu of "The Metamorphosis of the Phosphorescent Avenger" though.


Alex Andronov said...

Sepia as in the tone that you get in pictures is actually made from cuttlefish ink.

Daniel Ausema said...

Yes, I discovered that later too--cool how that works. Welcome, by the way!