The Keyhole Opera

Picked this up yesterday from the bookstore (I had a gift certificate that was demanding to be used). I first heard about it when it won the World Fantasy Award a couple of years ago and knew right away that it sounded like something I'd enjoy. I almost bought it straight from Wheatland Press a while back, but then something came up and I didn't. Then, I almost bought it from Clarkesworld, along with a copy of Gene Wolfe's Bibliomen (which was selling for about half the price of anywhere else), but got to the check-out screen and the browser crashed. When I came back later in the day (or maybe first thing the next day--I forget) to redo the order...I discovered that Clarkesworld had closed to individual buyers and would only sell in bulk to other sellers. So I'm pleased to finally have it.

I have so much to read that I have to resist reading only it, but with stories this short, it's very easy to quickly read one in the gaps when I might not have a chance to get into any of the longer works I'm reading (which at the moment are Crowley's Little, Big, McDonnell's Wind Follower, and Aylett's Lint.)