Living Stumps at Anthology Builder

Last year I had two stories about Arten, a Living Stump, that both appeared in Kaleidotrope. Both of them--"First Peeling" and "Stump Courtship"--now are available at Anthology Builder, in addition to "Sleep Magic." I believe I've blogged about their origin before, but the stumps were a random, whimsical addition to a (n as-yet unpublished) story that got a very positive reaction from crit groups. I then wrote "First Peeling" as a rather darker take on the stumps' lives as refugees and then "Stump Courtship" as a gentler story about the same character. About that story, Rich Horton writes
Daniel Ausema's "Stump Courtship" somewhat sweetly portrays a tree-like alien among kiteflying humans, as he looks for an appropriate courtship gift for his intended.
I have an idea for another stump story that I may be working on soon, but for now you can add these stories to your own anthology if you wish.