New story written

I finished a new Living Stump story yesterday. This one went well after the initial false start. I'd written one paragraph, realized I didn't like that for an opening, and then went and wrote a completely different story. So now I came back and started the story in a different place, and it went well. It has a bit of political undercurrent in response to the xenophobic anti-immigration crazies, but less blatantly so than another story I recently wrote. Mostly it's just another fun story of the living stumps staring Arten.

The earlier two stories both appeared in Kaleidotrope, and working on this one has renewed my interest in taking out the chapters I wrote for a YA novel that takes place a generation or two later. I put it away to focus on rewriting Silk Betrayal as well as trying to improve my revision skills with short stories, but I may come back to that now that the other novel is done. Both stories are available from Anthology Builder, don't forget--my account there now has 3 cents in it for a pair of sales of anthologies with one of my stories. Wealth and fame, here I come!