"The Canyon of Babel," is already up as a reprint at Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine. Let's see...this started as a challenge prompt at a peer critiquing site. The prompt was to use a prophecy in a fantasy story. Now...I'm leery of prophecies. They show up entirely too frequently, in my opinion, in fantasy. So rather than going at it straight ahead, I chose to wonder what would happen if someone was trying to make a prophecy come true.

It also rose from an image that came to mind as I was moving here from Michigan--what if there was a place where the echoes came back in another language? What would that have to say about language itself and its interaction with the physical world? I saw that image as something Borges might contemplate, and while I didn't write the story in any way as Borgesian, for me that question still lies at the base of the story.