"Bramble Wolf" to New Myths

Actually, the full title is "The Bramble Wolf and the Hunter." The original draft of this is one of my earliest after I returned to writing short fiction (that would make it...4 years ago, or 5?), and if I remember correctly, the title came first. In fact I'm pretty certain that it was around the same time I came up with the story that I was given a notebook for jotting down ideas and fragments and decided to scribble as the notebook's title "Twigs and Brambles." I must have been on a bramble kick at the time.

This story had been accepted by Grendel Song a year or so ago before that unfortunately folded--I had been looking forward to having a story in there, since it seemed like a great publication. So that makes it even more gratifying for the story to have found a home now. The current issue of New Myths includes a story by J.M. McDermott, whose first novel I've been hearing a lot about--on Jeff VanderMeer's blog, on FBS forums, on other blogs. It sounds like an intelligent, literary (as I use that word), secondary-world fantasy...which is right up my alley.