I had a really good writing day. I just finished the rough draft for my shared world story. At 5,800 words, it's longer than I expected it would be. Longer than I tend to write. And more importantly, I'm quite pleased with it. A week ago I had basically no idea what I'd be writing. Oh, I had a very basic idea for the character, and I think I'd decided on the locale. But beyond that, nothing. I started writing with the first scene in my head and nothing else. Then on Monday, with less than 1k words written, I was out running and the rest of the story came to me. I didn't really get to working more on it until Tuesday, and even then it was going slowly. I was also working on rewrites for my Jupiter story on higher education. And yesterday I had my dentist appointment, so writing didn't go so well either. But I probably did more than 3k words of it today. That's huge in my typical writing schedule.

So I'll probably reread it tomorrow to catch any glaring errors, and then post it for the other writers to read and give me feedback. It'd be sort of ironic if I was the first to post my story, since just last week I posted something about how every time a new post appeared in that thread I was afraid someone had posted their story.

And what else to work on? My to do list has a couple revisions on it, working on my website, and chapter 5 of my current novel in progress. I should add, "Naming my current novel in progress," to that list. Everything I've tried sounds cheesy so far. I really ought to get my website up and running before my first story comes out at JWP, but that seems to end up even below revising on my priorities. Maybe I'll try to work a bit on that tonight.


Me said…
Well, I didn't want to be the first, so please go right ahead and post that story! HAHA

Great to see everything is coming along nicely. Keep at it Dan.

And a website? Thought you would have one of them already with all your successes. :P
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Sam. Story's posted now, and I got some stuff done on the website last night, but it's still really rough. Not something I want anyone to see yet.
You can just be like me: come up with a website you're pleased with, then decide three months later that you hate it and start over again. Though I don't recommend it.
Daniel Ausema said…
I could do that...

Actually, I'm going with something very simple for now. I know how to do some fancier stuff, but it always seems amateur, while the simpler stuff ends up looking more professional (I hope). I'd love to get artwork for it...but I can't pay anyone.
Celina Summers said…
another website? *groan*