Things to learn from a 21-month-old

Today my son was asking for "More peace." It's a wish/prayer/desire I share with him. OK, he was actually saying, "More piece, more cheese, more piece, more cheese," but close enough. I just thought it was an apt phrase today. Hearing the awful news from the Mideast just makes me feel so helpless. And rather than quoting William Carlos Williams' "These" again (though it's one of my favorite poems--achingly beautiful), I thought I'd just quote my son. More peace. Please.

He also discovered the word sitar today. But it was because I'd brought my guitar down to the living room and was playing it for him and he discovered that he could sit on the guitar case. Since 'tar is how he says guitar, he was actually saying "Sit 'tar."

PS While "These" applies thematically whenever there's some kind of violence that approaches war, it really only fits in the winter time. Just didn't want some WCW expert to come along and think I was unaware of that.


Me said…
awww, what a cutie. My nephew says "more peace", but he actually means "more please". I never thought of looking at it that way.
Daniel Ausema said…
My son mostly just signs please still, though today he did try to say it while signing as well. But the other night he was definitely meaning "piece" or cheese.