Gone for August

I'm leaving tomorrow for four weeks. My wife has a four-week rotation at a rural hospital and clinic in eastern Colorado, so we'll be staying out there. It should be a very relaxing time for her--I just hope my son will handle the change well and that I can get a lot of writing done. I'm taking hard copies of a couple big projects that I hope to do a final revision of.

I'll have internet access, but it'll be dial-up, and I won't want to tie up the phone line all day. So I'll certainly check in on the forums I'm part of everyday and check my blog and update it occasionally. Otherwise, I'm hoping that the lack of internet will allow me to write without distraction (rather than simply turning to the games on my wife's laptop for those distractions). Hoping to get a few stories finished and polished and hopefully the next 3 chapters or so of my new novel, tentatively called The Silk Betrayal. I'm not sure I really like that title, but I'll stick with it for now, and when everything's done, I'll see if anything else comes to mind.

"Canyon of Babel" is being released this Wednesday, so I hope to update my blog then with the picture of the cover.

This year, my wife's second year of residency, this rural month is her big away rotation. Next year, it's a winter month at one of the ski resorts in the mountains, setting broken bones. Hmmm, I think I'll like that.


Me said…
Sounds good to be you.

*seethes with jealousy*
I'm sure you'll get lots written that I won't have time to actually read. Sigh.

Enjoy your month away!