The racist streak in immigration debates

I've avoided most of the immigration debating. So much of it seems just a lot of posturing and saying the right words to satisfy their own supporters or play on emotions and knee-jerk reactions to influence others to support them. It isn't really a debate so much as a shouting match. People aren't trying to understand the other side in order to show them they're wrong--they want to bully their own views on others. OK, same can be said for most political discussion.

Anyway, I got this link from my father-in-law that brings up some good points, and really reveals the ridiculous racist arguments that are dragged up by those proposing a tough (aka heartless, cruel, mean-spirited) stance on immigration:

Immigration and the Curse of the Black Legend

Now, that doesn't completely address the question of the illegality of people sneaking over the border. I'm sympathetic with the idea that we shouldn't be rewarding law-breaking. Clearly something needs to be done with the system. I just don't believe that turning ourselves into a police state, surrounded by iron walls and all that is really the answer. Is the guest worker program? It might be part of it. Combining that with tightening the security...maybe. Welcoming people from all over, including those whose ancestors, language and culture existed here before our own did? Yeah. Definitely. And recognizing the truth of the history of our country, the immigrant experience of even the earliest colonizers, the people who were here before the English settlers.

And most importantly, absolutely not allowing any of this racist rhetoric to have any influence on our country, our government, our world.



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Daniel Ausema said…
Welcome, Snake Hunters. And Lesli, good to have you finally cave in and join :) I understand the problem you're saying about the worker program. I've gone back and forth on it, probably because I haven't educated myself enough about it. It does strike me as still preferable to the reactionary solutions of the extreme right-wingers...but it's quite possibly not enough better to be actually good.

The main thing I dislike is the racism disguised as 'protecting the american way' rhetoric. As if there were only one American way.

Ah well, as Wendell Berry says, I'll pledge allegiance to the flag and hope to live in that free country for which it stands. Someday maybe we'll get there.