Bye bye Brazil!

Ahhh. Who am I supposed to cheer for now that every team I was cheering for in the quarterfinals lost?? Well, I wasn't really cheering for anyone in England v Portugal, or rather for both. And I guess I was more cheering against Italy than for Ukraine. So it'll be easy to go for Germany over Italy in that game. I'm disappointed in Brazil, but I have to admit that their defense was pretty awful today. They're actually lucky to have gotten out of it only allowing 1 goal. Their offense had some pretty chances later in the game, but nothing came of it. That set shot from close, and so pretty. Ah well. Now the question is, Portugal or France? Neither speaks Spanish, which is often my first question when choosing who to cheer for (I know, I know, if I was a real fan, I'd know all the players for every team and just cheer for the best). Both are capable of playing very well and have some fun players to watch. I've been in France, not in Portugal...but I always feel like Portugal is more like Spain than France is, and I was in Spain for a full semester. I speak some French, but Portuguese is enough like Spanish that I probably understand it at least as well if not better. Well, for now I'll just hope for some good playing, an exciting game. And maybe by then I'll have decided who to cheer for. Given how things have gone in the quarterfinals, maybe I should cheer for the team I actually want to lose...

Univision, by the way, has been coming in fine again for these games. I actually switched back and forth with ABC this morning, and the commentators did a pretty good job. I liked that the picture reception was better. But this Again. How ridiculous. Funny thing was, because of Janet Jackson, ABC shows the games with a delay (5 seconds or so), so I could watch a great play on Univision and get my own instant replay by flipping to ABC.


Monica said…
While not picking my teams based on the language they speak, I too was pulling for Brazil. They were my last ditch team too, because my first choices were Mexico and Korea.

Now that Brazil's out, I'm not sure who I want to win. Maybe Germany for me, as it is the country of my parents.


Daniel Ausema said…
Being of Dutch descent, I would cheer for Netherlands...but they're out, as is every Spanish-speaking team and the US of course. My wife was born in Canada, so I'd cheer for them...oh yeah, they didn't even make the World Cup. Well, I'm more a fan of the sport in general than any particular team, so I'll just cheer for some well-played games.