I wasn't able to get to my blog yesterday afternoon when I'd intended to post something. I could get to other blogspot blogs, but everytime I tried to get to my own, whether through a link or typing it in, or even getting to my account, my browser crashed. I eventually even opened Internet Explorer (horror of horrors) and that crashed too. Seems to be working fine today.

So I think I'd planned to comment on the semifinal yesterday. I'll just say now that though I was cheering for Germany, I can't argue with those two pretty goals in the final minutes. It's devastating for the German players to come so close, but it made for an exciting game.

Back in high school, my team was playing the number one ranked team in the state during the tournament, and we came to within 30 seconds of a penalty shootout (playing complete lock-down defense with a very good keeper). It was heartbreaking to come so close, but we knew they were the better team, so we were just proud of how close we'd come.


Clearly the Blogger Gods punished you for voting for Germany. :p
Daniel Ausema said…
it does seem like almost every team I was cheering for lost...which doesn't bode well for France, tied 1-1 right now with a couple minutes left in overtime...and without Zidane. What the ****** was he thinking???