I haven't been online much the past couple days. My older brother came out to visit. I'd known he was coming in early July, but I hadn't looked at exactly when for a little while, and was surprised on Monday to realize I had to go pick him up on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun though, even if our house didn't have a lot of the snacks and other food it would have been nice to have here. We had gone hiking on the fourth up in the Poudre Canyon with my sister- and brother-in-law. And then yesterday my brother and I went with my son again on another trail up the canyon. So now my son can say various combinations of fun, hiking, up, mountain, dada, and uncle John. Very cute, if I'm allowed to speak unbiasedly.

Now I just have to get back into writing mode, including the shared world story, which is only a vague idea right now, or even a mish mash of contradictory ideas. I just wanted to use the word mish mash.