"Triptych of the Final String" in the latest issue of New Myths

The latest issue of New Myths came out this past weekend, including my flash story "Triptych of the Final String." It's a fable, of sorts--about music and stories and especially learning new stories from each other. Or you could consider it a fairy/folk tale from another world. 

As a matter of fact, this one has a connection to the world of The Arcist Chronicles. If you've read The Silk Betrayal, you know that the people of that land refer to their original homeland as The Forgotten South, which is the setting for this flash story. The novel itself never goes there (not book 1, anyway [*whistles*]), but they tell stories of that land and place many of their own fables back there. 

This is not the only Forgotten South fable out there. "The Ship of Silk on the Calmest Sea" is also labeled as "a Fable of the Forgotten South," and in a familiar folk tale move, there is a character in "Triptych" that shares a name with the main character in "Ship of Silk." (As well as a character who shares a name with one of my favorite characters from the actual trilogy...)

This is the third story of mine published in New Myths and the second flash fiction story--but the last was nearly a full decade ago! It's also the second story I've had published with the word "triptych" in its title, after "Peace, a Triptych." I have another story--composed of three drabbles smashed together, all connected with my Spire City setting--with that word in its title that I've never submitted anywhere. Clearly I should... 

What's with all the triptychs? Mostly I just love the Garden of Earthly Delights painting by Bosch. And as there's never a bad time to share that image, here it is:


(public domain, original hangs in El Prado, Madrid, EspaƱa)