A couple of markets closing down

I'm changing two of the links in the sidebar to "defunct." First a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Spinning Whorl editor that he was shutting down the magazine and associated projects. I'll leave the link up for now--it gives an email address, so if you want to order issue #3, which has my story, or one of the other issues, you can see if he has copies left. The former editor, Samuel Tinnianow, has a blog chronicling life after getting an MFA in creative writing.

The other market apparently shutting down is Mytholog. I can't find anything stating that on the actual site (and as that means archives are still up, including my "Turtle Car" story from last fall, I won't be deactivating the link), but Ralan's lists it as "closed by editor."


Paul Abbamondi said…
Grrr, that really stinks. Markets closing down is sometimes inevitable, but for it to be out of the blue and without any explanation/contact is frustrating. You have my sympathy.
Daniel Ausema said…
Well, it wasn't that I had a story pending with either venue, so I wouldn't necessarily expect a notification. It is odd about Mytholog though--they just put up their new issue, and I'm a 'subscriber' (which simply means that I get an email when their new issues go up). So I'm just curious, is all.

I think you just had a place close that had a story pending, right? Grimoire, was it? That's worse. I've had that with a couple of places in the past, three stories with two places, of which only one has sold elsewhere.