Fantasy Magazine going online

I've been saying for some time now that if I decide to take out another magazine subscription, it would likely be to Fantasy. Well, I guess that won't be happening now--this announcement came out a few days ago, and I just learned about it on Saturday.

I think it's a good move, very much similar to some of the ideas I'd thrown out a while back here on the blog about what I thought the best ways to have an ezine would be--frequently new (and free!) content and a variety of different things included. I'm definitely looked forward to that. It can join Strange Horizons as one of the things to look forward to each Monday (and other days as well).

I'll guess I can save that subscription money and use it for one of their anthologies (or one from Clarkesworld) or some other book or magazine. And add Fantasy to the list of quality magazines with free stories.