The Fix, including a review of mine

The Fix is a new (or rather, newly resurrected) review site for short fiction, similar in many ways to Tangent. It does have in addition to the short fiction reviews, monthly articles on speculative poetry, on podcast stories, and on film, but the focus is on short fiction. The managing editor is Eugie Foster, and it just went live today.

I have a review among those that open up the now-live site--New Genre #5. So if you're curious what kinds of stories they like, you can check it out there.

I also discovered a very fun story through browsing through the other reviews that are up--Yoon Ha Lee's "Notes on the Necromantic Symphony" is great fun, a story tucked into the program notes for an imagine symphony. When they work, I love stories like this that stretch the way the story is told. Farrago's Wainscot, which published the story, is a good source for strange stories, so do check it out. (Warning though, it always seems to crash Firefox on my computer, so I have to view it in awful IE.)


Fred said…
Neat, and thanks for the link. I knew it was going live soon, but I wasn't entirely sure I remembered when. I'll have to check out those reviews.

I did send Eugie Foster a copy of Kaleidotrope recently, so fingers crossed. Getting reviews is tough, not least of all because there are so few respected places that write them for short fiction or smaller publications. (I always wondered if I should take it as an omen that one of those places, Emerald City, shut down the same month my first issue came out.)
Unknown said…
Hi Daniel,

I have been going through your blog lately and I like it.

I am writing this e-mail just to brief you on a project me and two of my best friends are currently undertaking in the field of amateur writing. We are about to launch a site ( which is about writing up a story by the users themselves. We will provide only the first and final chapter of the story, which as the domain name suggests will end up with the destruction of the world, and we will leave the rest to be written by the users.

Our scope is to gather as many people as possible and have them contributing their ideas for each chapter of the story as it evolves towards the very final chapter of it. Overall they will be 25 chapters so taking out the 2 contributed by us we have 23 remaining to be written by the users. Each user will have the rights to write up his own chapter and then when we gather a good enough number of contributions we can proceed to the next phase which is voting which contribution is the best to be part of the actual story. For the chapters selected the users that have written them will share any rights applicable to them if by any chance this story is commercially exploitable at the end of the 25 chapters.

We will be very happy if you join our project and also if you spread the word around to any people you might know either over the Internet or in real life that might be interested in participating in something like this.

We really liked your blog and we hope all the best with it.

Kind regards,

Daniel Ausema said…
You're welcome, Fred. And Michael, thanks for the kind words, and best of luck with the project. I'll keep in it mind.