Some Pictures

I uploaded a bunch of pictures from our camera just now and decided to post a few here (some I'd uploaded already but was looking at and decided to toss in the mix)

(It was my son's birthday last weekend, so these are of the cake my wife made--yes, she's amazing with things like that--and of his new tricycle.)

And then a few pictures from the last month or so:

These are from Michigan--Camp Roger at the top and Greenfield Village on the bottom, where my son is already showing his astounding reading ability...or at least the ability to pretend to read.

And this is from Red Feather Lakes, which I mentioned in a post a couple weeks back:


Neil Richard said…
How old is your son? Our 3 year old daughter loves to read (well, pretend to read, but she's getting better). My wife and I are so happy since we both like to read. I can only hope our son will grow up with just as much desire to read.
Daniel Ausema said…
He's 3 now. He loves to be read to, sees me reading all the time, and has tons of books around the house--all things that supposedly are good for developing a love of reading. So I certainly hope he does.
Art said…
Wonderful pictures, Daniel!