Let's go Rockies!

I'm off to some friends' house to watch part of the game soon (as much as I can watch while also watching my son). Here's hoping it's a better game than the last two...

Today was also the opening of a new park in town, and it was a huge event with scarcely enough parking--in fact the people they had directing parking added a line in the grass where I parked, and later there was another line in the dirt where the grass (or probably actually native ground cover) hasn't yet come up. But it's an amazing park. The playground, which is designed to be largely wheelchair accessible, is incredible, though with the numbers of people there, my son was too overwhelmed to fully appreciate it. It's at the end of one of the bike trails, so we'll be going back later this week when older kids are in school and the weather is warmer.

Also...we went to the library this morning for a special Día de los muertos celebration. That was pretty cool too. I even got to drink some horchata, which I haven't had since college, and melon juice that reminded me of my time in Venezuela (it's not specifically Venezuelan, but Mérida is where I first had something like that).