The return of the one-hour quick write

I've mentioned a few times how one of the critique groups I'm part of does a weekly one-hour challenge where you're given a topic and have one hour to write a story, or the germ of a story at least. We'd taken a break from it because our attendance was down and some members were feeling burnt out...and I'll admit that I often hadn't been participating either.

Well, tonight was the first time to do that since we took a break. I wasn't able to make it on time (so I missed the chat and all that goes along with it), but I did come and do it later. And it was really good for me. I like what I wrote, and I intend to finish it up (it'll probably be pretty short, maybe twice as long or a little more as what I wrote already), but that's not really the main thing. What I noticed was that I kept getting to a certain point and thinking, "Well, that's a good point to take a break--I'll just stop here and post that." But I still had some good time left, so I made myself keep going.

See, that's been my struggle in other writing too of late (especially with all the revising I've been focusing on this past month or two). I get to what my brain says is a good place to stop...and I stop. So now we'll see how much these writing exercises carry over into the discipline I need to get done everything I want to accomplish.


Heh, I wish I *could* stop like that. I get into obsessive mode and want to plow all the way through an entire story and/or chapter in one sitting, no matter the length, and get very annoyed when life interferes and keeps me from doing that.

On the hour write topic, I think it was good to take the break, but it was also nice to have it back, especially since we had so many people participating.
Daniel Ausema said…
Oh, I'll take some of that obsessiveness as a balance =) I'm a master at procrastinating.

Yeah, I was a bit burned out on the hour-writes also, but I'm feeling reinvigorated about them now.