Maybe they should call it Mirkwood

All right, when I was thinking of calling this post "giant spider webs," the word giant referred to the webs, not the spiders. But still. I feel like large spiders have a role in many fantasy stories, but now I'm not coming up with many besides Tolkien. There's the Weaver in Mieville's work. And I've never read any of the Dark Elf and related books from Forgotten Realms, but even I know that spiders had some kind of prominent role for that society. Anyway, here's the real-world article about the spider webs.


Paul Abbamondi said…
Some big spiders are fairly prominent in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Mmm, loved the Weaver. Possibly one of the best parts of PSS.
Daniel Ausema said…
Of course--should have thought of that one. Hey, I see we'll be sharing a ToC for Sporty Spec--I look forward to it!