Does this blog look funky in IE?

I usually use Firefox, but once in a while Blogger and Firefox don't seem to get along. I try to check my blog or others', and it just gets stuck loading--not actually freezing Firefox. I can still load other tabs. And it never gets to the "This page is unavailable" page. It just looks like it's loading without doing anything, and no amount of stopping and reloading seems to help (and I always have too many other tabs open to want to try restarting Firefox).

So anyway, when that happens, I open the page in Internet Explorer occasionally...and all the things in the sidebar get huge. Instead of the nice, normal-sized font for the links, they're suddenly childishly big. Thing is, I go to the blogs of other people (also on Blogger), and their sidebars don't look any different in IE than in Firefox.

So if anyone has any wisdom on this, I'd be grateful. I know html, but blogger templates seem to use a lot of things I'm not familiar with, and I don't feel like taking the time to learn just now. I'm willing to change templates if I must, as long as I can get something else I'm pleased with.


Neil Richard said…
Everything looks gravy on my end (using IE 6.0 on WIN XP SP2). Nothing out of sorts.

Sorry I don't have any suggestions on where to look for a fix.
Daniel Ausema said…
Cool--thanks for letting me know! I have an ancient machine (running on Windows ME), so that probably has something to do with it. Though it doesn't explain why other blogs seem to show up normal... *scratches head*
I tried your page in IE7 and got the huge fonts on the links in the sidebar. Doesn't happen on my page, though. And unfortunately, I'm not a big enough of a coding geek to know why that is.
Daniel Ausema said…
Yeah, that's what I'm getting. Hmm. They still show up normal-sized in Firefox though. I guess I'll just look childish to those who use IE (but who uses IE these days?) until I can figure something out.