More Living Stumps goodness!

Back in April I had a story, "First Peeling," appear in Kaleidotrope #2. Right around that same time I was working on a stand-alone sequel to the story, and now that story has also been accepted by Kaleidotrope. This is the second story* involving the tambran, or living stumps, and I've also been dabbling with a YA novel involving them as I wait before doing first rewrites on my Eghsal novel. I ought to be getting to those rewrites soon, but I'm having fun with these living stumps, so I'm thinking I'll see if I can manage to do both at once, alternating as necessary between revising the earlier book and writing something new. They're very different in every way, so that should work for me, I think.

* actually they made a brief appearance in another story, but I'm not sure if I intend to try getting that one published.