I was out walking with my son at dusk, and we came very close to a good-sized fox. There's a natural area just down the street from us, so we see them occasionally there, but this wasn't even by that, just on the sidewalk and then in someone's yard. We stopped and looked at it, and it looked at us. And then we passed and it headed down the street toward the park.

There's just something cool about foxes. If you asked my favorite animal, cheetah would be the first that comes to mind, because they're runners like me. But foxes must be up there. (I had a roommate some years ago who always kept lists of his top 10 (or whatever) of everything--not just in his head, but written down on papers in his wallet. In case anyone asked him his favorite, I guess. I'm very much not that way, so I don't have an ordered list of my favorite animals, I'm afraid. Or of my favorite movies or musical groups or even books.)

I think it's that foxes are canines, so they appeal to that part of us that likes dogs, but they're cat-like too somehow. In their sneakiness, their silence. I know foxes play an important part in certain mythologies...especially, is it Japanese? I used to know my mythology better than I do right now. But this makes me want to go read some good myths and folk tales about foxes.

This has been your dose of randomness for the day.


Elliot said…
Hurray for randomness, and for foxes!