Lone Star Stories

Check out the lineup for the current issue! I've read Lone Star in the past--and enjoyed a number of their stories--but I guess I hadn't actually looked at the most recent issue until I saw Tangent's review of it this morning. And that was only half of it (the fiction half). So for fiction it has Catherynne M. Valente--if you're not familiar with that name, then you're not paying attention to today's speculative fiction; Toiya Kristen Finley--less known as far as I can tell, but her story in Text: UR was my favorite in the anthology, and this seems to be connected with that one (according to the Tangent review); and Sarah Monette--I've blogged about how much I liked her "Draco Campestris" last year, and since then I've come across a number of her stories and enjoyed them.

And then the poetry--Samantha Henderson, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Mike Allen. All these names should be familiar to anyone who pays attention to speculative poetry. Two are editors of poetry magazines. At least one a Rhysling winner. And all three seem to be very active in the SF poetry circles.

Lone Star has hovered beneath the radar as far as I can tell. As I said, I've read and enjoyed some issues, but it isn't one that I remember to check every time a new issue comes out. And I've submitted a couple of stories to them over the past year or so. But it's not one that I hear others discuss a lot. I have to believe that with lineups like this that will change (both--people will discuss it and I'm more likely to remember to check back bimonthly to see what's new).

I have to run now and play with my son, but I intend to get to these stories and poems over the next few days--made easier by the fact that Strange Horizons doesn't seem to have a new issue up this week.