A new story in Reflection's Edge

I'm excited to announce that I'll be having a story soon in Reflection's Edge--in just a couple of days if I can get the paperwork and such filled out in time. This will be my second story with them--they printed one of my favorite stories, "The Ship of Silk on the Calmest Sea," back in February. I'll write more about this particular story once it's up, but for now do go check out the ezine--I was actually just reading some of the stories there the other day. I wouldn't say I've read enough to be able to categorize the entire editorial style and preferences, but the stories I've read create this sense in me that if Patricia McKillip were sending out short fiction (under a pseudonym, I suppose, otherwise it'd be snapped up by the big markets), this would be a place to find them. The stories seem to often have that feel to them, hazy and fairy-tale-ish without ever being actual retellings.