Here we go again

Six rejections in under 48 hours. Once again that includes three poems from one market, so not quite as bad as it sounds. Bad Attitude Barnett ("Don't be a fool, you fool) calls them her Reject-a-thons. They do seem to come in waves, just as I was thinking I had a good number of stories out that I hadn't heard back on. Actually, I'm not too down about this--the stories were all at top-paying markets, and two of the three as well as the three poems garnered some pretty positive responses and even suggestions for improvement (while the other was basically a form response that at least encouraged me to submit more).

My favorite was this as a closing line (after some nicely specific advice as well as a suggestion for where to send it next): "Thanks again, though, and do send us more. You're pretty good." Now from many editors my reaction might have been, "Gee, thanks," but from this notoriously blunt editor, I was almost ready to go post that on brag threads on different forums. (I know, some people prefer 'fora' for the plural, but not me.)

Well, here's to this wave being limited to two days.


Bad Attitude Barnett...not sure if I should laugh or virtually smack you. :p

The nice side of not having submitted much all summer is no reject-a-thons. Though now I've started a query-a-thon with some straggler subs out there.
Art said…
I like to look at the reject-a-thons as an opportunity to get in touch with my too-often neglected drink-to-unconciousness side.

Of course, you of all people have little to complain of, seeing as how you have more acceptances this year than most people have rejections, but always with us writer types the glass is not only half-empty, but has a dead fly floating in it--- discovered only after we took a sip.
Daniel Ausema said…
You found that dead fly too? =)
Daniel Ausema said…
Oh, by the way--I'm adding your blog to the sidebar, Michael. Just realized I hadn't done that yet.
Art said…
Thanks! Umm, if I haven't already I'll do the same.