Piano (and running)

We did get our free piano Monday night--it's great to have it here, though it needs some tuning (not as much as I would have expected) and the wood is in quite rough shape. I've looked a bit into restoring pianos online, and I don't think I'm up for a full restoration, so we may have to make do as we can. But at least I'm hoping that it can stay in tune decently. It was originally a player piano, though the player part of it is missing. Maybe a hundred years ago it sat in some saloon out here in the West with swinging doors on the entrance and gunslingers playing cards at the tables. I don't think it's actually quite that old, but it's fun to imagine. Makes me want to write a story that somehow uses a piano in it--will have to file that thought away.

We haven't had a piano the whole time we've been married (about 6 years, I guess), so when I'd played something last night, but wife said to me, "I forget that you're that good at piano." Not that I'm really all that great--twelve years without practicing makes you a bit rusty, and even before that I was never comfortable playing in front of people--but she hasn't really had many chances to hear me play. So it's fun.

I also went running this morning, despite the heat--stopped part way through at the children's garden, which my son loves. And for the first time in almost a month, my knee isn't bothering me after a run, so that makes me relieved. It's not a gushing acceptance from a professional-paying market, but it's a couple of good things anyway.


Celina Summers said…
piano running? LMAO! what a great label. Sounds like there's a stories in there...you know, kind of like the running of the bulls but instead it's the running of the pianos...keys a-tinkling, music a-flapping....

*crawls back down into her hole for more line edits*
Daniel Ausema said…
With how heavy this piano was...I think I'd rather take on the bulls :p

Happy editing!