Nemonymous, Art & Prose, and Tangent Online

Well, good things in triplicate today. First, my copy of Nemonymous 7 arrived already. Here I was preparing myself for a long wait, but the international shipping was impressively speedy. The book looks very cool, and I'm looking forward to reading it. The anonymity of it leaves me in a bit of a bind, though. First, I usually mention something about the origin of a story when it's published--can't do that here. And second, I like to read some of the other stories in whatever magazine or ezine or what have you the story is in and give some impressions of some of them. Can't do that here either, because you'd know I wasn't referring to my own. So I'll just say that I enjoyed the first story I read there.

Also, the June issue of Art & Prose has just been released, including my story "The Underdweller's Fight." This story started with a story prompt in one of my critiquing groups, and my aim was to capture some of the feel of cyber-punk--not so much the cyber aspect as the gritty realities of the downtrodden in a futuristic city. So it's a gang story in the tunnels beneath a city that calls itself (facetiously) "The Peaceful City." The setting will be somewhat familiar to those who read my story in OG's Speculative Fiction, though that one takes place primarily above ground. I have another story kernel for this setting, but I haven't developed it yet.

Finally, my review of Vera Nazarian's Salt of the Air went up today at Tangent. I enjoyed the stories--as you can see from the review, my biggest complaint was that so many of the stories seemed overly alike. Not in plot so much (though some overlap), but in mood and tone. I imagine this is often a struggle with single-author collections, though I think the best authors are able to work at a broader range of styles and moods. Still...good stories to check out.


Nemonymous said…
Hi, Daniel, re your comments on nemonymity's 'bind', this is how Mike O'Driscoll reviewed NEMONYMOUS ONE in 2001 when he had written one of the stories in it.
Nemonymous said…
Sorry, I din't give the link. Here it is:
Daniel Ausema said…
Hey, Des. That link didn't come through, but I was able to track it down through Nemo Ark. Funny that the one story he suggests a possible writer for (Rhys Hughes) turns out to be his story. I'll have to see as I keep reading the stories if I can pull off something where I'm sufficiently distanced from the not-self who wrote that one story. Then maybe I'll post some more thoughts one it.