Internet Sleuthing

I got an email today from Des Lewis that copies of Nemonymous 7 should be shipping soon. And don't forget that you have a chance to win a free copy...with a little internet detective work. Just search through the blogosphere and writing forums for others who have announced that they have a story in it, send the list to Des (see the Nemonymous page), and if you're among those getting the most right, you'll get your very own copy. There are 17 of us in all, and you already have one name if you're reading this, so see how many of the others you can find.

(I'll help you out even--I did a bit of sleuthing a few weeks ago and came across one live journal (I think it was) of a writer who calls herself "Fish Monkey." See if you can figure out her actual name--it shouldn't be too hard. She wrote one of the stories I reviewed in Text: UR for Tangent. Another is an editor of Science Fiction Weekly (or former editor? not sure how recently that part of his home page was updated) who had a story in Nemonymous 5 as well. Oh, and just now I see an announcement on SF Canada for another--so that's four you can get with a minimum of work. Now you do the rest.)


Michael said…
Uh, okay ... sorry, but it still sounds like too much work. Anyway, congrats on the publication, and I hope you have many more in the future.
Daniel Ausema said…
It's a bit of work, yeah, but judging from the other editions of Nemonymous, I'd say it's well worth it. Or you could just buy it ;)

Thanks for the congratulations!