Well, I've been (ostensibly) getting in some editing and polishing of a novel manuscript these past few days...which means, really, that I've spent too much time on various forums, rediscovering old games on my computer, and whatever else I could find to distract myself. I'd say that I've gotten a lot better at editing over the past couple of years. I don't hate it nearly so much as I used to, and once I get into the flow of it, it usually works well. But sometimes it's so hard to get into the flow. I feel like I'm constantly pushing against that initial resistance instead of simply pushing through it once and then just running with it.

I suspect a part of it is that I've edited this manuscript so many times that even though I have certain things I want to tweak and one minor thread to add to the entire length of the story...a part of my brain keeps saying that it's ready already, just send it! Well, I have a busy non-writing day most of the rest of today, so maybe by the time I come back to it tonight (or tomorrow), I'll be able to refind the focus I need.

Completely unrelated, but B. A. Barnett is heading out today to Odyssey, so I wish you luck and all other Odyssey participants. (She's in a critiquing group with me, so what I really hope is that she comes back and is able to really challenge my stories with new-found critiquing aspects...but now that I've said that, I better hope she doesn't drop by here before she goes... ;) ) Have fun!


Ha! I'm onto your evil plan to use my Odyssey experience for your own nefarious purposes!

But seriously, thanks for the well wishes!