Magical Realism markets

Anyone know of any good short story markets for magical realism? I can think of a few that would probably be open to it, but nothing jumps to mind as being a definite, we-love-magical-realism market. I may have to look at some of the so-called mainstream markets as well, which I don't know as well. Any wisdom greatly appreciated.


Beth said…
Hmm, you could check out The Dream People, Cafe Irreal and Pulp Net to see if you think they're appropriate for it, though your usual fantasy publications might be a safer bet?
I'm (perhaps optimistically) submitting my one such story to the few local literary magazines that don't balk at spec content.

Also, hi - forgot how I got here originally, but I just set myself up a Google Reader account to keep track of news sites & i thought I would add some sf writers as well. Hope that's ok.:)

-Beth Langford
Daniel Ausema said…
Hi, Beth--glad you found me (however it was =) ). Thanks for the suggestions--I have heard of some of those, so I may check them out. Sybil's Garage may be another one worth looking into, it seems. Though I may try some other markets too--I'll look through Duotrope a bit for markets that wouldn't be listed on Ralan's.

Thanks again, and welcome!