Nemonymous--go buy it!

Don't worry--I'll get to part 2 of my grand thoughts on starting an ezine (since there's such a clamor for MORE! MORE!), but first I needed to point out that Nemonymous is available now to be ordered, and my copy should be winging its way across the Atlantic (or maybe swimming). Check out the ordering page for info.

Also, if you'd be interested in reviewing the book and have a well-trafficked blog or site to post the review on, let Des know (follow the Nemonymous link on the right to get his email address). Or simply let me know, and I can pass that on to him. This is the first time Nemonymous is allowing the public to know ahead of time what authors are in the book/magazine/anthology/megazanthus (though as you probably know by now, not which story goes with which author), so he's asking us to help get the word out.

And for every (fellow) aspiring writer who reads this, let me just say again that this is the type of venue that deserves your support. If you've ever felt a story was rejected because you don't have that famous name or that a story by a famous writer was published only because of that name, then Nemonymous (and others that remove identifying info, like Shimmer) are experiments and venues you should certainly support.