Running to stand still

Arrgh. I've been working on the final chapter of my novel...and finding myself constantly distracted. Yesterday I spent all my writing time revising and formatting stories and poems for submission, researching markets, submitting them, and dinking around on the internet. I keep opening up the document and looking at it and adding a word or comma or taking one away and calling that work on the chapter. This seems to strike me most often when I'm about to tackle something that has been playing in my mind for a while or that is supposed to tie together different strands from the rest of the story...both of which applies right now.

I've plucked out a few paragraphs this way, and I think the momentum might finally be shifting today, but it's still frustrating that it's been taking me this long to get writing. I just had to get this frustration down somewhere so it wasn't distracting me from following the momentum where it takes me.

So now I'm off to get dragged along by the words. I hope...


If it makes you feel any better about your own distraction, I just spent a little over a week trying to get through one paragraph of my novel. :)
Daniel Ausema said…
=) I bet it was an amazing paragraph by the end.