Honorable Mention for Lok-Altor

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that my story "The Bridge of Lok-Altor," has been selected as a finalist for the next issue of Allegory. Well, it won't be published in the ezine--it was one of 19 finalists out of 400+ submissions, but it didn't make the final cut (which is chosen at least in part on issue balance, not just on quality of the finalists). But at least it will be listed on their site as an honorable mention come May (if I remember right).

This story seems a bit cursed, as it was also one of the stories I'd had accepted by JWP before it went under. Oh well, I already have in mind where to send it next (and here's hoping it doesn't kill that market). It's also an older story, one of the few that I wrote in Michigan and am still shopping around.


Welcome to the "I had an honorable mention in Allegory" club. :)
Daniel Ausema said…
Oh yeah, I'd meant to mention in the original post that you'd had a story as honorable mention with them as well :)
Celina Summers said…

I don't have an honorable mention in Allegory....yet.
Daniel Ausema said…
You know, if you keep making that face, it'll stay like that :p