I've been cleared to announce that I have a story accepted for Nemonymous Seven (Zencore)! I can't say which story, but my name will be listed in the back of the anthology without any clue which story was mine. This is a change from earlier editions, which weren't labeled at all, and the writers had to keep quiet until six months after its publication (and there's one story--in issue 3, I think--that hasn't been identified even yet). The problem with that, I'm guessing, is that authors couldn't help promote the issue, so with the new edition all authors are identified just not tied to their respective stories yet.

This is really something that we writers should support--if you've ever felt you had a story rejected because you don't have a recognizable name, if you've suspected that a famous writer would have had the identical story snatched up in a heartbeat, they you should support Nemonymous and any other publications that use anonymous submissions. (I recently submitted somewhere that mentioned they removed all identifying marks before handing it to their editors...but now I forget which magazine that was.)

The process for this was really fun for me--I submitted two stories, using an old juno email address for one and creating a new hotmail account for the other. All very anonymously (so the email addresses gave no clue who I am). I'll be posting links and such later. But until I get around to that, you can always simply google Nemonymous, and I'm sure you'll find the info. There's a Myspace page and other stuff out there, so check it out!