More on Nemonymous

You can win a free copy of Nemonymous 7 (Zencore!) with a little bit of detective work. Des Lewis has freed all the writers to annouce that they have a story appearing in the issue, but he isn't posting the list of accepted authors anywhere official. So what do you have to do? A little sleuthing--find as many authors who have announced their acceptance and submit your list of contributors to him (I'll try to post the link later today when I have a bit more time edit: his posting at the Nightshade forums says to just email him, so you can follow my link to Nemonymous on the right and find a way to contact him there). Up to ten copies will be awarded. If no one gets all of them correct, then he'll go down the line through those who have the most correct.

Also, he asked in the email announcing this for us to mention that he has good deals on the earlier issues on his ebay site (just search for Nemonymous on ebay, I imagine...but again I'll try to add the link later--it's also posted on the Nightshade forums edit: here it is). I have the earlier issues, and I can state that the design is very good. I only got them last fall and it always takes me longer to read things that I own when there's so much from the library (I guess deadlines are good for me), but I've enjoyed what I've read from the first two issues.