Another review up at Tangent

This time I reviewed just four stories from a new anthology of the best fantasy of 2006--the rest of the stories had been reviewed in the past by Tangent in their original publications.

I hadn't seen the table of contents when I did the review, only the four stories assigned to me (and at that time at least, I couldn't find the ToC listed on Prime's website). So I was pleased to see the entire list yesterday and notice that it included one of the stories from Strange Horizons that I mentioned as memorable back in December, “The Water Poet and the Four Seasons” by David J. Schwartz. Add to that the fact that the other story I mentioned in the post, "Draco Campestris" by Sarah Monette will be reprinted in Best American Fantasy, edited by the VanderMeers and Matthew's good to see that my preferences aren't so far off from what some editors like as well.