Back to normality (?)

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Good Friday/ Easter Sunday and Passover. My in-laws came out to visit, which is always chaotic. It was great to see my son with them--he was a bit overwhelmed at times, but enjoyed it a lot also. The timing wasn't great for my wife's work, since she had some extra call shifts this past week (including on Easter), and it wasn't great for the weather--cold and rain/snow mix most of the time they were here. So much for my grand plans to have them help me get dirt and lumber and build a little vegetable garden in our backyard. But it was good to see them.

So the normality is that it's back to just me and my son at home in the daytime...and also that the weather is looking better. The sun is out! In Michigan, 4 days without the sun would have been nothing, not even worth taking note of. But in Colorado, that's practically historic. So I'm hoping to go for a run in a bit to enjoy that.

In writing, I didn't really do anything yesterday, but I actually did manage to get some done the other days, even with guests. I finished the penultimate chapter of my novel in progress, the climactic scene that's been in my head since I started writing. I'm afraid the final chapter will have a lot of loose ends to tie up though, so we'll see if it ends up turning into two or if I need some kind of epilogue (I'm resisting that idea, but I won't rule it out).

I also sold a story while they were here--"People of the Growing Moon" to Spinning Whorl. I'll write more about that when it gets published. It's an older story, but one that I completely tore apart and put back together in a new, more interesting way right before sending it to Spinning Whorl.