Featured on my local library's blog

A couple of months ago, someone from my local library reached out to me about being featured on the library's blog. Last summer I had added Spire City, Season 1 to the library's offerings, through a program for self-published books. So they wanted to ask me a few questions, mostly about self-publishing. We spent a lovely time talking about the process and writing in general. I may have overstated how easy it is to get a book set up with Amazon--it certainly requires attention to detail for formatting and all that, which maybe isn't clear in my answer there. But definitely as far as where you spend your time and energy, it needs to be much more on writing, revising, editing, and getting experienced eyes on the stories. So the write-up went live on the library blog a couple of days ago, possibly the first of more features to come. To anyone who happens over here from reading that interview, welcome!