Catching up, story in Gallery of Curiosities podcast

This is reaching back into 2017 for this publication, which I never got around to mentioning here at the time. "Against Mint Justice" is in episode 46 of The Gallery of Curiosities, which is a fun podcast of strange and imaginative stories. The podcast host weaves his own story around my story with a framing device. So my story, well narrated by Lesa Whyte, begins just under 5:00 into the episode. You can listen to it on YouTube and on itunes, through the link on the Gallery's website (and no doubt other venues online as well).

"Against Mint Justice" is a Spire City story, a side story that doesn't tie directly in with any of the main characters (except for the title...sort of). In this story I was playing around with the idea of a serial with much shorter episodes. That isn't obvious in the final narration, but if you pay attention you might be able to hear how it splits into four very brief episodes. It tells the story of an urchin girl who steals a flying beetle by mistake.