Stay-at-home dad again

My wife is going back to work today, so I'm at home with both kids, including a baby who seems to find getting her food from a bottle as personally insulting, even though it's the same she'd be getting otherwise. Fortunately it's a relatively easy 2 weeks she's back to wrap things up with residency and then she's off again for 5 or 6 weeks before her new job starts.

Still...wish me luck.


Jeremy said…
Good luck!
Neil Richard said…
Best of luck. I left my wife this morning on her first day of summer. Which means she'll be at home with both kids all summer.

But, I'm hoping to be working from home in a few weeks myself, so we'll both be work-at-home parents.
Good luck!
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, all--so far it's been going well. Last night was a bit rough for sleeping, but otherwise I'm surviving =)