A chance to breathe

Last two weeks have been rather crazy with first my in-laws and then my parents out to visit the baby, and on top of that, everything wrapping up with my wife for residency. It's always great to see family and spend time with them, but it can also be quite stressful with all the planning and such that goes along with it. So I didn't really try to do any blogging with everything else going on.

The next few weeks, though, should be good for writing (and blogging?)--my wife has a few weeks before she starts her new job, so we're both home with the kids, and we have no intention of any big trips anywhere or anything that requires lots of planning and juggling (though we may consider doing some little things to take advantage of that time off).

So big congrats, of course, to my wife for graduating. For the past three years, federal law has required that she never work more than 30 hours in a row and that her weeks on average don't go over 80 hours of work...and there were certainly times when a given week or a given shift pushed against those limits. So it'll be nice to have a more sane schedule, even after those weeks off are over.

More on writing-related and other stuff in future posts.


Unknown said…
I'm finding you blog very interesting reading.

I agree that having family in town is both enjoyable and disruptive.

30 hours in a row? 80 hours in a week? Ouch! I knew their was another reason why I never became a doctor. I hope she does find a more sane schedule.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, residency has crazy hours, and were even worse a few years ago before the law limited them. So it's good to have that behind us.