Bramble Wolf in New Myths

My story "The Bramble Wolf and the Hunter" is now live in issue 3 of New Myths (I can't link directly to the story, so click on issue 3 and go down to the table of contents).

This is loosely related to the first novel manuscript I wrote--so loosely that no one else would likely suspect even if they'd read that. I imagined it as something that happened in the same location but centuries earlier, in a culture that disappeared by the time of the novel, either died out or absorbed by other cultures (there are hints in the novel, never explained, of an earlier people in the region). The title of the story came first--I think the idea of having a story about a hunter was inspired in part by Kelderek of Richard Adams's Shardik.

There's also an interview with each of the issue's writers--click on my name on the story page and then scroll down to the interviews (which area in alphabetical order).


Jeff Draper said…
Just stumbled onto your story and it was very well done. I liked the uncertainty of Ocanis' claim, both to the villagers and the reader.
Daniel Ausema said…
Thanks, Jeff. Glad you enjoyed it!