Poem live at Raven Electrick

"Machines Tend the Abandoned Fields" is up now. I had submitted this for the February, 2007 submission window, and Karen warned me that it would be this long before it got published. So that meant that while I always remembered that I had it forthcoming--Raven Electrick is frequently one of the zines I mention in cover letters, after all--I hadn't remembered much about the poem itself. I'd even forgotten the title until I had to look it up a month ago.

So it was fun to reread the poem this morning when it went up. As to the origin of this, I remember that I'd decided to write a speculative poem that day (a rather unglamorous inversion of the muse and inspiration, I know). I stepped outside during my son's nap to do some yard work and saw our admittedly gnarled and far-from-perfect rose bush outside (inherited from the previous owners...and I know nothing about caring for rose bushes). The first line came immediately to mind--"In neat rows the rose bushes lie"--with an image of endless fields of identical plants, and when I came inside I expanded on that image.