Silk Betrayal

Well, our internet continues to be spotty and ridiculously slow. And the people in charge of the one we were supposed to be able to get on here aren't promising anything, in fact saying it's pretty unlikely it'll be fixed while we're here.

A nice thing about that is that I'm actually getting a lot of work done on my writing. I realize how much time I spend checking out different things online--not all of it a waste of time by any means, as I'm researching markets and learning more about the field and finding new approaches to writing specific scenes or whatever, but still it's probably good to get this chance to really get a lot done.

And the big thing I've gotten done is this round of revisions on my novel project. I'm very excited about this one. There are still things I need to do, of course. I have several pages of notes I jotted down as I went through of things that require double-checking, further development, and such things. My hope is to get through a lot of that list over the last two weeks we have here, and then I'll set the novel aside for a little while before coming back to it. Not long though--hopefully by early spring (or even sooner) I'll be looking for an agent for it.