"Gather in the Growing Things"

My latest poem to be published is up now at Dragons, Knights & Angels: "Gather in the Growing Things." This was a poem written specifically for DKA's contest last summer where the theme was Inferno or Paradiso (or both). I'd forgotten about the competition until the day before the deadline, but then I sat down on the floor with my son and wrote this while playing with him (or the rough draft of it anyway). Rather than take an other-worldly, after-death interpretation of the theme, I wanted to approach it as something very much within our own lives (well...still speculative, of course).

This is the last item of the last issue of DKA--as of next week it is merging with The Sword Review to form Mindflights. So I guess my poem is a sort of send-off...or send-onward toward the new zine.