Nemonymous revealed

Still no reliable internet, but again I'm sneaking in on a weak, but no-password-required signal from one of the other nearby rental properties. Let's hope it lasts long enough to post this... (added at the end: lost it halfway through, but it seems to be back now)

A couple of days ago, Des Lewis finally revealed the connections between authors and stories. So you can now know that "Word Doctor" was the story I contributed to the anthology. Typically I've been discussing the origins of stories as they are published (and I still have one recent story I need to do that for), but I couldn't do this six months ago without revealing which story I'd written. The idea actually came as a thought for a poem, the image of a craftsman (/woman--I hadn't decided yet) whose job is to fix broken words. And then in one of our 1-hour quick writes, the topic involved a package that arrives at the door of the main character. So I combined that with the image I already had...and this story developed from there.

In various reviews of the anthology, the story received generally positive comments, a straight-forward allegory (that was positive in that particular review), a gem, an ode to language (or something like that). So I've been very happy with that. And along with Sporty Spec, it makes two anthologies where my story was the final one--so that's fun.